§ 9A.9.


For each market established under the provisions of this Chapter, the Agricultural Commissioner is hereby authorized to make such rules and regulations as he or she shall deem proper for the conduct of the market and for the maintenance of sanitary conditions therein and for the identification of persons offering products for sale in the market, which rules shall not be in conflict with the provisions of this Chapter but shall be in furtherance thereof. Such rules shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the market and when so posted shall be deemed to be promulgated by the Agricultural Commissioner and shall thereafter have the same force and effect as though included in this Chapter.


(Ord. No. 3758(1939), Sec. 7; amended by Ord. 278-96, App. 7/3/96; Ord. 276-99, File No. 991545, App. 10/29/99)


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