§ 99.2.


A. The City shall examine the feasibility of supplying electricity to all new City developments, including, without limitation, military base reuse projects, redevelopment projects and other City projects.

B. The City department or agency in charge of the development project shall, in consultation with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, prepare an assessment of the feasibility of the City providing electric service to the development. The assessment shall include, but not be limited to, the following: 1) electric load projection and schedule; 2) evaluation of existing electric infrastructure and new infrastructure that will be needed; 3) analysis of purchase and delivery costs for electric commodity as well as transmission and distribution services that will be needed to deliver power to the development; 4) the potential for load reduction through energy efficiency and demand response; 5) business structure cost analysis; and 6) financial and cost recovery period analysis.

C. The department or agency shall consider the timeline of the development project and submit its study of feasibility to the Board of Supervisors in a timely manner, with a copy to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.


(Ord. 47-06, File No. 051889, App. 3/25/2006)


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