§ 99.1.


The Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco hereby finds and declares as follows:

A. Section 16.101 of the Charter declares that it is the purpose and intention of the people of the City and County, when public interest and necessity demand, that public utilities shall be gradually acquired and ultimately owned by the City and County.

B. In furtherance of Charter Section 16.101, the City should consider the feasibility of supplying electricity to all new City developments, including, without limitation, military base reuse projects, redevelopment projects and other City projects.

C. The City’s provision of electricity to new City developments can provide for reliable and safe electric service as well as economic benefits to the City and the new development project.

D. The benefits of public power can include local control, lower rates, commitment to local communities, promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency, not-for-profit operations, public accountability, local decision-making, reliability of service and full attention to customer service.

E. A public power utility would employ procedures and practices that are protective of its workers, the public and the environment.


(Ord. 47-06, File No. 051889, App. 3/25/2006)


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