§ 91.18



By providing the public with equal access to language services, the City and County of San Francisco is assuming an undertaking only to promote the general welfare. It is not assuming, nor is it imposing on its officers and employees, an obligation for breach of which it is liable in money damages to any person who claims that such breach proximately caused injury.


The obligations set forth in the Language Access Ordinance are directory and the failure of the City to comply shall not provide a basis to invalidate any City action.


The Language Access Ordinance shall be interpreted and applied so as to be consistent with Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, and Article X of the San Francisco Charter and so as not to impede or impair the City’s obligations to comply with any court order or consent decree.


(Added by Ord. 202-09, File No. 090461, App. 8/28/2009)


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