§ 87.6.


With respect to applications or proposals for the development, use, or funding of dwellings in which protected class members are likely to reside, a City entity shall not impose on the approval of the dwellings (a) any condition that it does not impose on other dwellings of similar scale and size in the use district or zoning classification specified in the San Francisco Planning Code, or (b) any conditions of approval which are based on the fact that protected class members are likely to reside in the dwellings, including but not limited to restrictions on the activities of residents in or around the dwellings, restrictions on visitors to the dwellings, requirements for additional off-street parking, special review or monitoring of the dwellings by a City entity or neighborhood group, restrictions on services provided to residents, special design or maintenance requirements for the dwellings, and restrictions on future development on or near the site.


(Added by Ord. 303-99, File No. 990494, App. 12/3/99)


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