§ 84.3.



Funding for the QHWRA Disqualification Rent Assistance Program shall come from the City’s General Fund.


Initial funding for fiscal year 2002-2003, in the amount of $349,000, has been appropriated in the Annual Appropriation Ordinance No. 171-01, found in Board of Supervisors File No. 011041.


For each year following the first full fiscal year of this Program’s operation the Fund Administrator shall report to the Finance Committee of the Board of Supervisors (or its successor Committee) on the administration of the Fund, and shall recommend a level of funding for the following fiscal year that is sufficient to meet projected need. The Finance Committee shall recommend a Program funding level to the full Board of Supervisors for each year following the first fiscal year of the Program’s operation, after receipt and consideration of the Fund Administrator’s annual report and recommendation.


Appropriated funds that are not expended by the Program during a fiscal year shall be applied toward meeting the funding level approved for the Program for the following fiscal year.


Funding disbursements shall be made available to eligible persons as determined by the Fund Administrator, upon the effective date of this legislation.


(Added by Ord. 162-02, File No. 020593, App. 7/19/2002)


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