§ 78.2.


DBI shall improve its MIS to make its permit processing system as transparent and accessible to the public as possible so that applicants are treated fairly and permits are processed in an even-handed manner. DBI shall implement a system that includes information in the permit application file about the permit applicant, including without limitation identification of any architect, engineer, general contractor, attorney, permit consultant or expediter, or any other authorized agent associated with or working on the permit application. DBI shall implement information technology best practices and processes, necessary infrastructure upgrades and undertake business applications projects, to assist DBI in meeting its goals of providing fair, accurate and efficient enforcement of building codes, as described in the DBI MIS strategic plan contained in Board of Supervisors File No. 040539. DBI shall consider implementing other clean-up projects, including but not limited to re-engineering for more accurate data collection, an application integration project to facilitate data sharing among applications, and expansion of web access to DBI services to facilitate public access to permit processing information. DBI shall consider implementing a system with as little manual intervention as possible, including, for example, a system of bar coding permit applications that would track when any City employee worked on a permit and the amount of time that employee spent working on the permit, so that a true permit tracking system can be implemented with the potential for far fewer errors and omissions.


(Added by Ord. 112-04, File No. 040539, App. 7/1/2004)


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