§ 70.1.


The Board of Supervisors for the City and County of San Francisco (hereinafter, City) by this Chapter establishes a public authority whose powers are derived from and consistent with the provisions of Welfare and Institutions Code Section 12301.6. The name of this public authority shall be the In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority, and shall be referred to in this Chapter as the “Authority.” Its purpose is to assure the availability of independent providers for the In-Home Supportive Services Program (IHSS) through the establishment of a central registry, and related functions, and to perform any other functions, as may be necessary for the operation of the Authority, or related to the delivery of IHSS in San Francisco, subject to all applicable Federal and State laws and regulations, and to the limitations set forth in this Chapter.


(Added by Ord. 185-95, App. 6/9/95; Ord. 213-08, File No. 081014, App. 9/19/2008)


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