§ 66A.3.


In addition to the Program Administrator and Loan Committee, as further described in this Chapter 66A, the following individuals or entities shall assist in the operation of the Program. Each individual/entity shall be selected through a request for proposals process to be conducted by the UMB Program Administrator. The City shall enter into agreements to obtain the services of such individuals and/or entities according to applicable City procedures and subject to all required City approvals.


Financial Consultant. The financial consultant (“Financial Consultant”) shall perform the duties described in Sections 66A.12 and 66A.16, below.


Loan Servicer. The Loan Servicer shall be a private lender and/or loan servicer (“Loan Servicer”). The duties of the Loan Servicer are described in Section 66A.17, below.


(Added by Ord. 100-94, App. 3/11/94; amended by Ord. 237-96, App. 6/11/96; Ord. 2-01, File No. 001969, App. 1/12/2001)


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