§ 66A.25.


The Director of the Mayor’s Office of Housing shall be responsible for management of the Program in accordance with these requirements. The City’s Controller’s Office upon the direction of the Program Administrator shall be responsible for disbursing from Bond Proceeds the monies needed in connection with any Seismic Safety Loan. The Program Administrator shall direct disbursements in consultation with the Financial Consultant. Disbursements shall be made from time to time or upon the close of a Seismic Safety Loan, as determined by the Controller. The Director of the Mayor’s Office of Housing shall appoint an individual to serve as the Program Administrator, who will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Program.


(Formerly Sec. 66A.27; added by Ord. 100-94, App. 3/11/94; amended by Ord. 287-96, App. 7/12/96; amended and renumbered by Ord. 2-01, File No. 001969, App. 1/12/2001; Ord. 122-06, File No. 060386, App. 6/14/2006)

(Former Sec. 66A.25 was repealed by Ord. 2-01.)


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