§ 66A.24.


The Program Administrator shall develop Program Regulations to address the issues specified in this Chapter 66A and such other matters as deemed necessary by the Program Administrator for efficient administration of the Program. Such Program Regulations shall be subject to review and approval by the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Housing and the City Attorney’s Office.


(Formerly Sec. 66A.26; added by Ord. 100-94, App. 3/11/94; amended by Ord. 287-96, App. 7/12/96; renumbered by Ord. 2-01, File No. 001969, App. 1/12/2001; Ord. 122-06, File No. 060386, App. 6/14/2006)

(Former Sec. 66A.24 was renumbered as Sec. 66A.23 by Ord. 2-01.)


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