§ 66A.21.


Subject to the rules set forth in the Program Regulations, except in cases where prevailing wages are paid pursuant to Section 66A.19, construction contractors eligible to bid on work financed in whole or part by a Seismic Safety Loan should obtain health insurance for their employees. Guidelines regarding the cost and type of health coverage required by this Section shall be specified in the Program Regulations. The cost for such coverage shall be borne solely by the contractor.


(Formerly Sec. 66A.22; added by Ord. 100-94, App. 3/11/94; amended by Ord. 237-96, App. 6/11/96; amended and renumbered by Ord. 2-01, File No. 001969, App. 1/12/2001)

(Former Sec. 66A.21 renumbered as Sec. 66A.20 by Ord. 2-01.)


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