§ 66A.10.



Prior to applying for a Seismic Safety Loan, each Applicant shall obtain a minimum of three qualified bids for performance of the work to be financed by a Seismic Safety Loan. All three bids must be included with an application. At least one of those bids shall be from a contractor and/or engineer, whichever type of professional with whom the Applicant intends to enter into a contract for performance of Seismic Strengthening, which has been certified by the City’s Human Rights Commission, pursuant to Administrative Code Section 12D.A.6(B)(1), as an MBE or WBE as defined in Administrative Code Section 12D.A. In cases where a Borrower wishes to enter into a negotiated bid with a contractor, the Borrower must demonstrate to the Program Administrator that a good faith effort was made to notify MBE and WBE contractors of the work to be performed. The Program Administrator shall make available to Applicants a list of certified MBEs and WBEs from which such bids may be solicited. In no event shall the Applicant be required to pay any bid preparation fee to the MBE or WBE.


It is the goal of the Board of Supervisors that 25 percent of all Seismic Safety Loan proceeds disbursed in the Program be paid by Borrowers to contractors who are MBEs and/or WBEs.


(Added by Ord. 100-94, App. 3/11/94; amended by Ord. 2-01, File No. 001969, App. 1/12/2001)


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