§ 33.3.


The Department shall be known as the Department on the Status of Women. The Commission shall formulate, evaluate and approve goals, objectives, plans and programs, set policies for the Department and carry out the additional functions enumerated in the Charter. The Executive Director shall be the department head and carry out the functions of department head as enumerated in Section 4.126 of the Charter. In selecting the Commission’s staff, the Executive Director shall consider the diverse makeup of the general public of San Francisco, including the racial, ethnic, age and sexual orientation groups in the City and County. The Executive Director shall also ensure that staff have demonstrated commitment and expertise in working on behalf of women’s issues and gender equity.


(Amended by Ord. 363-80, App. 8/7/80; Ord. 271-89, App. 7/28/89; Ord. 131-98, App. 4/17/98; Ord. 106-00, File No. 000537, App. 5/26/2000)


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