§ 21.37.


When charges are brought for violation of Sections 21.35 or 21.38 of this Chapter, the Contractor or subcontractor shall be given notice of the charges and of all evidence supporting such charges. The Contractor or subcontractor or its attorney shall be entitled to offer rebuttal evidence and any other evidence in support of its position. The Purchaser and the Controller shall conduct a hearing, where the charges and all evidence shall be presented. In the alternative, the Purchaser and the Controller may appoint a hearing officer to conduct such a hearing and make written findings of fact to be submitted to them to render the final decision. Violation of Sections 21.35 or 21.38 by a Contractor may serve as the basis for finding that Contractor or subcontractor irresponsible and subject to the penalties fisted in those sections. Following any decision finding a Contractor or subcontractor irresponsible, the Purchaser and the Controller shall retain authority to modify the decision.


(Added by Ord. 156-99, File No. 990743, App. 6/2/99)


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