§ 21.36.


With respect to any dispute which arises under or by virtue of a contract between the City and a contractor, including disputes based on breach of contract, mistake, misrepresentation, or other cause for contract modification or revision, the Contractor may submit to the Contracting Officer a written request for administrative review and documentation of the contractor’s claims. Upon such request, the Contracting Officer shall promptly issue an administrative decision in writing, stating the reasons for the action taken and informing the Contractor of its right to judicial review. A copy of the Contracting Officer’s decision shall be mailed or otherwise promptly delivered to the Contractor. The Contracting Officer’s decision shall be final unless appealed to a court of competent jurisdiction by the Contractor. if the Contracting Officer does not issue a written decision within 120 days after written request for a final decision, or within such longer period as may be agreed upon by the parties, then the contractor may proceed as if an adverse decision had been received.


(Added by Ord. 156-99, File No. 990743, App. 6/2/99)


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