§ 21.11.


If required by the Contracting Officer in the Solicitation, an Offer shall be accompanied by a deposit in the form of a certified or cashier’s check on a solvent bank, or money order, or bid bond, payable on sight to the City in the amount fixed in the Solicitation, which amount shall not exceed 10 percent of the estimated cost of the Commodities or Services to be furnished. However, any regular or continual offeror may, in lieu of the deposit above mentioned, file a corporate surety bond in an amount to be fixed by the Controller to serve as security for a period of at least one year that the Offeror will enter into the contract, and during the contract period, furnish any required performance bond for any and all contracts awarded to that Offeror, with provision for forfeiture under the surety bond in any case of failure, neglect, or refusal to do so. The Controller may delegate to the Risk Manager the authority to fix the amount of corporate surety bonds for such types of Commodities or Services contracts and in such amounts as the Controller deems appropriate.


(Added by Ord. 156-99, File No. 990743, App. 6/2/99; amended by Ord. 165-13 , File No. 130540, App. 8/2/2013, Eff. 9/1/2013)


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