§ 21.06.



Electronic Notification. For purposes of this Chapter, if a requirement exists that a City official notify another City official of an event, or send a report to another City official, the official with that responsibility may use Electronic notification, rather than a physical document, to effect the notice.


Electronic Filing. For purposes of this Charter, if a requirement exists that a City official keep a copy of a form or a document, the official may keep an Electronic record rather than a physical document, provided that the electronic record contains at least as much information as the physical form or document would have contained. Any departmental record retention policies applicable to physical records also apply to the corresponding Electronic records.


Other Electronic Transactions. Where the Purchaser, in consultation with the Department of Telecommunications and Information Services and COIT, determines that the technology exists to provide assurance of authentication, message integrity, and nonrepudiation through secure and reliable Electronic transactions, the Purchaser may establish regulations for the use of Electronic transactions under this Chapter, including authorization, approval or execution of documents, placing orders with Contractors, receiving Offers, making determinations, or providing notice. Such regulations shall include appropriate security to prevent unauthorized access to the Solicitation, Offer, approval and award processes, and accurate retrieval and/or conversion of Electronic forms of such information into a medium that permits inspection and copying.


(Added by Ord. 156-99, File No. 990743, App. 6/2/99)


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