§ 12O.2.


Every Contract or Contract Amendment entered into on or after the Effective Date shall provide as follows:


Contractor shall provide the EIC Forms to each Eligible Employee at each of the following times: (i) within thirty (30) days following the date on which the applicable Contract or Contract Amendment becomes effective (unless Contractor has already provided such EIC Forms at least once during the calendar year in question); (ii) promptly after any Eligible Employee is hired by Contractor; and (iii) annually between January 1 and January 31 of each calendar year during the term of the Contract.


Failure to comply with the foregoing requirement shall constitute a material breach by Contractor of the terms of the Contract.


If within thirty (30) days after the Contractor receives written notice of such a breach, Contractor fails to cure such breach or, if such breach cannot reasonably be cured within such period of thirty (30) days, Contractor fails to commence efforts to cure within such period, or thereafter fails to diligently pursue such cure to completion, the City may pursue any rights or remedies available under the terms of the Contract or under applicable law.


(Added by Ord. 245-99, File No. 991107, App. 9/30/99)


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